How to Sooth a Curly Wig


Ok we’ve all got them. Sad curly wigs that after an amazing weekend got shoved into the suit case and came out a rats nest. Then for the next conventions season you hide it away like it was your large scarlet A of wigs and you refuse to throw it out due to the money you spent on it. Don’t worry there is an easy way to sooth this wild wig and bring it back to it’s intended glory.


Wig head, pins, clips, wide tooth comb, detangle spray, wig head anchor, hope


1. If it is dirty or has residue on it you should wash it in a gentle detergent. I like to use lingerie detergent from Victoria secret because I like the smell and more importantly if it is fine on my $50+ underwear it’s fine for my wigs. When drying lay it out on a sweater rack in a cool place with no sun light.


2. Pin the dry wig to a wig head that is firmly anchored to the table. There are really nice wig clamps out there that are worth the money you can buy, meanwhile I use a weighted paper towel dispenser.


3. Separate the wig into layers starting from the bottom of the cap. This should be easily done with your fingers very gentaly. I use bannana clips to hold up the extras but you can use anything.


4. Spray either a wig oil, motion oil, or leave in detangler on the section your are about to tackle. Make sure you look at the ingredients of the spray to make sure you don’t have an allergy to them. (please learn from my mistakes)


5. Take the hair buy where you see a curl forming and slowly comb through the fibers starting at the ends with your fingers. You may want to switch to a wide tooth comb once the bigger knots show them selves. Once you see a large gnarly rat in the fibers do not be scared to snip it out with your shears. When a synthetic fiber gets mangled there is very little you can do to heal it from the damage like you would your natural hair so trimming it out is sometimes the best choice.


6. Once you are happy all the rats are out of your curl you can twist and wind it around your finger to bring back the spiral. This will be done to the whole wig.


7. After you are happy with how your wig is then you should remove it from the wig head and wrap it in a hair net before gently placing it into a zip lock bag to be stored. Now when you go to wear this pretty thing all you have to do it pop it out of the bag, then at the end of the day re-wrap it in the hair net and place it into the plastic bag.


The illustration shows the wig before soothing in the top row and after soothing on the bottom row. I hope this helps you out and if you have anymore questions on the subject please feel free to PM me.

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