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Helpful tip Sunday 1.2

At the end of the holiday season I like to buy up a few rolls of discounted wrapping paper because it’s awesome for flat pattern making and can be stored super easy. Also those extra long tubes inside can be used for props or light sabers.

Helpful Tip Sunday

If you are having a hard time finding that perfectly shaped mold for your resin casting don’t forget to look at the soap making molds and the candy making molds. The skulls seen on my Red Mage armor were caste using epoxy resin and Halloween candy molds.

New Pictures and Tutorial!

For the past month I’ve been a busy little bee, a busy freezing cold little bee.

I was able to make use of our first snow fall for some pretty shots of my Yuuko and Raven costumes. They are now up loaded and you can look though the galleries.

To add to that I’ve also posted a tutorial on soothing out a damaged curly wig. I just got my black Friday orders in from Arda Wigs and felt the need to go through and give all my more used wigs some TLC.  Hopefully I’ll be able to use this down time between conventions seasons to make a few more tutorials.