Over the past few years I’ve dived head first into cosplay photography and am happy to say I’ve landed on some success. I have had my work published by international media as well as paid viewing sites. If you have any questions you don’t see answered in my FAQ or you want to schedule a shoot please contact me.



Do you edit the photos?

I run my photos through Lightroom, but try to avoid anything heavier unless noted by my clients. Cosplayers are my focus not my editing skills

Can I schedule a shoot with you?

To schedule a photo shoot all you have to do is contact me via facebook. I normally shoot at conventions in private photo shoots, but if you would like to something outside of a convention please contact me and I can see what my schedule will allow.

Do you charge for your service?

For at con photo shoots I do not charge unless you have a group of over 7 people, would like more then 2hrs shooting time, or you would like to include nudity in your shoots. Out side of conventions I do charge based on situation, i.e. do we need to rent a location, do I need to apply for a shooting permit, nudity, prop rentals. I do schedule cosplay field trips through out the year that are free to attend and to have your photos taken if paying for shoots is not your thing.

Who owns the rights to the photos?

Well that depends on if you paid for a shoot. If it is at con free shoots then we both own the rights as long as we both credit each other, that means either of us can use the photos to promote, sell, or edit. I also allow the convention we are shooting at to use the photos for PR reasons.

If you paid for a shoot, then you own the rights to the photos save for one to two shoots I will keep for portfolio use. That means you can se the photos for promoting, selling prints, or making fun edits. All I ask is to be credited on social media. When you pay for a shoot I will have you sign a model agreement stating all this, so that if anything ever comes into question it’s written out on hard copy.

What do you mean by Nudity?

One of the reasons I became a photographer was that I wanted to give cosplayers the experience I wanted to have. In my years of cosplaying I’m very lucky to have found a group of photographers I’ve grown to trust, but I’ve also had to sift through even more people that have made me feel bad about my body and been more then crass. I want to give cosplayers a safe and comforting experience if they would like to take boudoir or burlesque style shots.

Are you sure at con photos are free?

Yes, but I wouldn’t say no to a thank you cupcake or beer, but mostly the cupcake.


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