Red Mage

Series: Finaly Fantasy XI

Variation: Duelist Armor

Worn at: Ohayocon 2011, Animarithon 2011,  Anime Boston 2011, Colossal con 2011

Awards: Anime Boston 2011 Honorable Mention Masters, Animarithon 2011 Best in Show

Motivation: I’ve admired the Red Mage character designs for years and once I decided to make one I had to to the MMORPG version.

Construction: Overall this took me about three months on and off to make. All the patterns were drafted from historical research of the types of leather work used in France from 1300-1600. The leather is textured vinyl that tool a leather gauge needle to over stitch. The under shirt fabric was constructed by overlocking strips of red and black bridal satin then cutting out the pattern. The gold design was first made from foam and added to the tunic but I later took it apart and satin stitched raw silk to the black. The leggings are black leather with grommets running up the back to corset lace them in place. The boots were purchased from target and leather died red and jewel encrusted along the heel. The Sword was made using the expanding foam and plaster method, and the leds were part of a mini holiday tree till I ripped them out. The detailing and damage to the sword was done by hand and with a drimal tool. Under it all I have a set of dance tights, a wicking tank top, and a part of black swim bottoms I made a year ago.

Thoughts: I’m still enamored with this costume and try to wear it as often as I can.


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