Series: Granado Espada

Worn at: Sugoicon 2012

Motivation: While organizing my sewing room and when looking through my fabric I realized I had everything to make this costume just laying around. I had planned to make this costume eventually so it worked out, also I was asked to judge at Sugoicon and wanted something new to wear.

Construction: The under dress is cotton sateen lined in gold. The over corset/dress I pieced together from all the left over vinyl I’ve had laying around from other projects. After some creative math I finished the vinyl work off with gold top stitching and gold hardware. I’m quite happy with how the hat turned out too.

Thoughts: I was able to wear this at Sugoicon and I loved how easy it is to get around and it was amazingly helpful that the belt pouch was functional so I did not have to do the old bra purse trick.


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