Steampunk Railways

Inspiration: Rail traveler

Worn at: Steampunk festival

Motivation: A few friends of mine had planned on going to the local steampunk festival here in New England and I figured it would be a great opportunity to assemble a new costume and enjoy the summer sun.

Construction: The under shirt was from my Madame Red, the holster vest was from my Margret Moonlight, and the corset was from my Touhouvania. The black skirt I originally made for my Victorian walking costume but to change it up a little I added pick ups in the front and bustled the back. I used the goggles from my Duela Dent Amecomi costume and found a pair of black and white striped tights to tie it all together.

Thoughts: It was so much fun prancing around in this outfit and the best part is that I got to use my new black contacts and didn’t have to wear high heels.



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