Yuuko Ichihara Russian Dress

Series: xxxHolic

Variation: Green Russian Dress

Worn at: NYCC 2012, Sugoicon 2012

Motivation: I was asked to help out at the Funimation booth at NYCC this year and wanted a new costume from to wear from one of their amazing titles. Looking through my folder of thing I wanted to eventually make I found this costume desgin and couldn’t pas it up.

Construction: I only had 4 days to make the costume so I set to it right away. The dress was patterned off regency designs, my reasoning was that during the Napoleonic era the regency dress was in high fashion due to is flattering cuts and soon this fashion spread over most of Europe including Russia. The designs on the dress where heat and bonded then satin stitched in black to make the design stand out in photos. The whole dress is lined in corresponding orange with a super soft fur trim.

Thoughts: In all this costume took around two and a half days for me to complete and I am very happy with the results. I actually wear the snood (the neck warmer) with my everyday clothing to keep warm in New England.


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