Yuuko Ichihara Red Kimono

Series: xxxHolic

Variation: Red Kimono

Worn at: NYFE 2010, Tokyo Kid 2010, Sugoicon 2010

Awards: Tokyo Kid 2010 1st Place Masters, NYFE 2010 1st Place Masters

Motivation: When I’m bored and want a project to work on I like looking for something with tons of small details. So I obviously went right for my CLAMP art books and found this.

Construction: The kimono was made from red satin and lined in red cotton. The roses were made from black velvet I embossed a rose pattern on to. After patterning out the rose design for the kimono I heat and bonded each piece then satin stitched to finish of the edges. The ruffles are white cotton with a white on white scroll work print that just screamed CAMP. The corset was made from black vinyl with feather light boning and an invisible zipper in the back. All the jewelry was made from jet and onyx beads with Stirling clasps.

Thoughts: I felt so elegant in the costume and I keep looking for another project I can use the embossing technique on.


  1. It is a very good article for the people who like jewelry and beads, charming, and gorgeous!

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