Sakizou Frau

969993_10151861142514738_643758773_n Series: Sakizou art work

Variation: Frau

Worn at: Katsucon 2014

Motivation: In the summer of 2013 I was introduced to Sakizou’s art work and once I found this character I had to make her for the ever snowy Katsucon.

Construction: I like to say about 30% of this costume was research. First I found a historical pattern from an old text book  and set to planning out each layer. Layer one is cotton bloomers with a 15 inch waist reduction corset I had made by a friend from work. Next is my hoop skirt, it is a moderate 5 hoop with a draw string waist I found off amazon. I’ve made hoop skirts before and I really don’t want to do it again. On top of the hoop is a white cotton petticoat that is then covered in the white satin under skirt. The front panel of the skirt was lined in felt and satin stitched to give it the quilted look. The over dress is the bulk of the work, all the snow flakes are a combination of car decal vinyl, holiday ornaments, and decorative buttons. The gold lace around the skirt was created using my embroidery machine and the gold lace around the neck line and arms was crocheted to match the art work. The blue gems were a lucky find at the mall, I ended up cannibalizing 5 necklaces of these gems. The gold filigree around the gems was created by filling silicon candy mold with gold hot glue.

Thoughts: So so so much work. But so worth is in the end. I actually plan on ripping out the back zipper and replacing it with a modesty panel and corset lacing. Also once the New England snow returns I hope to take more photos.




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