Queen Nehelenia

Series: Sailor Moon

Worn at: NYCC 2011, Sugoicon 2011

Motivation: I blame Celeste Orchid for this monster costume. She knows I love large dresses and lady villains, so I was too weak to resist this awesome team up.

Construction: The main dress is built on an internal corset with 12 flat steel boning, and 4 steel rods keeping the dress and my lady hood up. The dress is made from black bridal satin, the gold draping is made from two layers of gold chiffon, and the dress is lined in silver reflective silk. The reasoning behind the silver lining is that I added a violet lighting system to the hem of the dress so that when I would it would have an under glow. Nothing says classy like a dress with under glow. The cape was made from 10 yards of hand gathered violet organza with 20 yards of bias tape. All the jewelry was sculpted out of clay that was then used to turn into latex molds for resin. The wig was made from five extra long curly wigs, one pack of dark violet extensions, and a 10 foot roll of end glow fiber optics. I used one wig as a base then took three more and used them to lengthen the wig to the floor and add the buns. I then used the extension to add violet highlights to the crown and bangs. To top it all off I added end glow fiber optics to the whole wig with a AA battery pack that was hidden at the base of my neck.

Thoughts: I love this costume, mostly due to the wig and resin jewelry. I was happy to work on a project that could motivate me to learn more and better my skill.















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