Himawari Kunogi

Series: xxxHolic

Variation: 18th Century Dress

Worn at: Ikasucon 2009, Colossal Con 2009, Arisia 2010

Awards: Ikasucon 2009 Judges Award, Arisia 2010 2nd place Masters Craftsmanship, 2nd place Masters Performance, and Judges Hall Award

Motivation: I was looking around for a project to consume my time with super small details and found this in one of my art books. I’ve loved this series for some time and the art style will always be one of my favorites.

Construction: The scroll work designs were the bulk of the work. I used a scale system and patterned everything out then painted the design onto the fabric. The fabric is a bamboo satin that I wish I had turned down do to the fact it shreds at the drop of a hat. After painting the designs I then hand beaded around the scroll work with 2mm 14k gold beads. Everything is lined in wicking cotton and the back laces up in a corset style. The jewelry was made from gold beads, glass pearls, and topaz drops.

Thoughts: Thinking about my skill level at the time I came quite happy with how everything turned out. One day I might go back and remake the whole dress with different fabric but using the same bead work techniques.


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