Series: Saint Seiya

Variation: Sacred Saga Armor

Worn at: NYCC 2011

Awards: NYCC 2011 Best In Craftsmanship

Motivation: This amazing idea came while my cosplay buddy Celeste Orchid and I were sitting in a hotel room going though all the costumes we’ve dreamed of making. Once we decided we would like to compete again at NYCC we knew these costumes would be our end goal.

Construction: I’ve always loved working on cars so the armor was fairly easy in theory. First I took molds of the body parts I would be fitting armor to then using paper clay I sculpted the rough forms of the armor. I then set to making fiber glass forms of the armor that were then hardened with bondo and lined with head liner. The filigree details were achieved with puffy paint and foam sheeting. Under the armor is a gold body suit the smaller pieces, like the fingers, could attach to with Velcro. The wig was originally a deep violet that I added highlights in lavender and low lights in black/blue with extensions and wig glue. We don’t talk about the wings.

Thoughts: I loved making this, it was an adventure in what from Auto Zone could be used in cosplay. I would like to say I would one day remake it using what I know now, but I can’t. This armor is what one woman can do with out help from a man, and that feels great.


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