Amaterasu no Mikado

Series: Five Star Stories

Variation: Art Book

Worn at: Ohayocon 2010, Anime Boston 2010, Colossal Con 2010

Awards: Anime Boston 2010 Masters Honorable Mention

Motivation: I have loved the Five Star Stories series ever since I found the art book at my local comic book shop. I couldn’t get enough of the series and currently own all of the books too. In the winter of 2009 a friend said I should try and make an Amaterasu costume for my next challenge, and so began the three months of insane work.

Construction: This costume has different layers in it to creative the finished look. First I make a corset that would bind in my chest and give me much needed support to hold up the costume, this was paired with a set of bloomers and a crinoline under skirt. Next I make a double layer circle skirt of crimson on pink casa brand satin. The circle skirt has a radius of 50 inches and clips into my corset. On the top there is a kimono patterned top with screen printed designs with satin stitching connecting the red and white layers. To finish up the top there is a quilted vest with painted designs.  The obi, neck piece, and hair ornament were constructed with 22 gauge steel sheeting that were welded and hammered into the correct shape. I then painted the obi with multiple shades of gold to give it a brocade look. There was a pin and latch release in the back of the obi for a quick out of the costume. The wig was constructed by using one base wig and a large pack of matching extensions. To finished off the whole look I made a pair of historically accurate 7 inch tall geta to give myself the height for the character.

Thoughts: I love this costume, but I have a small panic attack at the thought of putting it back on. I did light the wig on fire after my last photo shoot just because I could.



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