I have been creating and modeling costumes for most of my life and there are times when I lose my motivation and look to other creative outlets but it usually returns with gusto. If you have any questions that you do not see in my FAQ please contact me either by Facebook or e-mail.



Do you make your own costume?

I make about 99% of my own costumes. There are a few that were made for me as gifts, and those are stated on their descriptions.

How to you pick a costume to make?

I usually get bit by the cosplay bug while reading, watching a show, or messing around online. When I decide to make a costume I normally pick a character with in my body type and skill level to make. Lets be honest, my want to make list will always be longer then my have made list.

Why do you wear such revealing costumes?

Why not? I have always had issues with my body and cosplay was a way to come to terms with them. I would be lying if I said “I love my body as is,” but getting to feel like a bad ass in a cat suit for a few hours never hurt anyone.

Why don’t you wear more revealing costumes?

Can’t please everyone I guess.

Do you take commissions?

I do, very rarely though. If you want a quote for a costume contact me and we can talk about it.

Can I buy that costume I see you in?

I do sell off old costumes from time to time, you can find the ones for sale in my store.

Do your parents know how you dress to these nerd cons?

Yup! My mom even has one of those creepy serial killer walls in her office filled with photos of my costumes. Also my mom is pretty much the nerdiest person I have ever met, she was a an OG cosplayer back in the 70’s.

Can I marry you?

Nope! I am already married to an amazing person who tolerates my issues and also holds back my hair when I vomit. Really that’s all you can ask for in a life mate.

Can I take photos of you at con?

Sure! Just make sure I’m not trying to eat, I get vicious when you separate me from food.

Can I do a private shoot with you?

Yes! I love having my picture taken. I just like to schedule things out and make sure I have a handler with me.


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