_MG_0160  Name: Rachael

Cosplay Alias: LuckyGrim

Birthday: September 12th

Sign: Virgo

Likes: Sharks, comic books, running, board games, napping, fashion, German cars, video games, ghost stories

Dislikes: Spiders, jello, red meat, tomatoes, dust

I first started sewing at age 6 when my mother enrolled me in summer sewing classes. The seamstress profession is a family tradition for us; my fraternal grandmother was a wedding designer for JC Penney in the 1960’s and my mother is an accomplished quilter, producing works for St. Jude’s. So it was inevitable I would start my sewing education at an early age and, up until high school, I would work my summers away learning sewing, embroidery, knitting, flat pattern making, and machine maintenance.

Funnily enough, cosplay came to me around the same age. While in grade school my first cosplay was a Starfleet captain I constantly used for five Halloweens in a row. Both of my parents are into Star Trek and other equally nerdy subjects, so it was no surprise when I fell in love with the Star Trek universe and begged my mom to let me be a captain for Halloween. The best part of the experience was staying up late and helping my father build my working communicator. To this day, my parents are always excited to see what I am working on (well, at least the ones that don’t show a lot of skin).

Today, I’ve moved from just sewing to props, armor, wigs, makeup, and photography. The hobby of cosplay has this amazing ability to keep me on my toes and learning new skills so I’m never bored.  Now, years after I have been working away at my craftsmanship and makeup work, I am quite proud of what I can make. I am also very lucky to be asked to judge at multiple conventions in the United States, and getting to meet all the wonderful new comers to cosplay makes me fall in love with my hobbies all over again.  As the years go by, I am always looking for new places to go visit and people to meet and work with.



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