Big news!!

I will be selling prints of my cosplays starting next month as well as a book of my photography.

The costumes up for prints are Snow White, Fujiko, Phoenix, Kakyuu, and Leafa. I’m hoping to add Black Widow and Oruha this weekend with new shoots, but we’ll see.

As for the photography book I will be publishing a book all about my photography and the artistic process behind my most popular shots. In October I plan on publishing and selling the first in a series of cosplay tutorial books. They will be printed in comic book format to keep the pricing down, and that way you can choose which subjects you would like to buy and collect.

I hope to post a first look at the books and prints on here as soon as September 1st. If you are interested in buying any of these they will be available on my store as well as conventions I will be at.


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  1. Hi there just wondering if you are selling any costumes! I think your stuff is amazing!

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