Update January 2015

Many many new things are in the works for me.

First off my store has migrated over to Storenvy and it is being stocked with spandex goodness everyday.

Next I am trying my best to update all my costume on here, I’m a little quicker at updated my Facebook page due to it being easier so for up to the minute news check over there.

Also I will be posting up my convention schedule including where I will be guesting, judging events, and selling at a booth. I am adding new travel plans each day, so bare with me.

Big news!!

I will be selling prints of my cosplays starting next month as well as a book of my photography.

The costumes up for prints are Snow White, Fujiko, Phoenix, Kakyuu, and Leafa. I’m hoping to add Black Widow and Oruha this weekend with new shoots, but we’ll see.

As for the photography book I will be publishing a book all about my photography and the artistic process behind my most popular shots. In October I plan on publishing and selling the first in a series of cosplay tutorial books. They will be printed in comic book format to keep the pricing down, and that way you can choose which subjects you would like to buy and collect.

I hope to post a first look at the books and prints on here as soon as September 1st. If you are interested in buying any of these they will be available on my store as well as conventions I will be at.


Updates! Who Knew?!?!

So I’ve spent the majority of my day updating this thing. Take a look around, see what’s changed.

I’m taking it easier this year in regards to conventions, mostly attended comic conventions.  I don’t have anything against anime cons but I really haven’t seen any anime recently and I really love comic books. Also the smaller local comic cons are more my style lately.

Recently I won 2nd place masters at Boston Comic Con with my Athena from Borderlands, and I’m looking to produce a series of cosplay how to books.

Right now I’m working on Cersei Lanister, Phoenix Jean Grey, and Lightening from League of Legends.

New Photos!!

I was able to go to an amazing photo shoot at a historical Civil War mansion in Boston this past month with my Fighter and Madame Red costumes.


Right now I’m getting ready for Fandom Fest followed by Otakon then Dragon Con.


At Fandom Fest I’ll be bringing my brand new Fujiko Mine and Black Widow costume along with my Perfect Blue and Raven costumes.


Come Otakon I’ll be bringing Fujiko, Prefect Blue, Bulma Breifs, and Zapp Branigan.


Dragon Con will most likely be the death of me. On my costume docket is Princess Nuala from Hellboy, Black  Widow, Super Girl, and a few other things.



Guest Announcement!!

I’m so excited to announce that I will be a cosplay guest at Fandom Fest this July in my home town of Louisville KY!!

More information can be found here: Fandom Fest

Home from Colossal Con!

Finally home from colossal con and can not wait to post my baby lion photos. Up coming is a re-opening of my web store with all new embroidery designs, including Attack on Titan, and an awesome guest appearance announcement for July. But first I need to unpack and do all the laundry.

Helpful tip Sunday 1.2

At the end of the holiday season I like to buy up a few rolls of discounted wrapping paper because it’s awesome for flat pattern making and can be stored super easy. Also those extra long tubes inside can be used for props or light sabers.

Helpful Tip Sunday

If you are having a hard time finding that perfectly shaped mold for your resin casting don’t forget to look at the soap making molds and the candy making molds. The skulls seen on my Red Mage armor were caste using epoxy resin and Halloween candy molds.

New Pictures and Tutorial!

For the past month I’ve been a busy little bee, a busy freezing cold little bee.

I was able to make use of our first snow fall for some pretty shots of my Yuuko and Raven costumes. They are now up loaded and you can look though the galleries.

To add to that I’ve also posted a tutorial on soothing out a damaged curly wig. I just got my black Friday orders in from Arda Wigs and felt the need to go through and give all my more used wigs some TLC.  Hopefully I’ll be able to use this down time between conventions seasons to make a few more tutorials.

Winter Time In Boston

Obviously I’ve returned safely from my trip to the mid west and can not wait to up load the pictures that were taken of my newest costumes.

As I sat down to write this I noticed that it has begun to snow out so after a quick check of my equipment I’ve planned to head out tonight for some snowy photos. If it’s not too wet I also plan on getting some photos of my Yuuko Russian dress in the snow as well.  So look back here soon to see what come of our first snow fall.